4 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan
4 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan
4 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan
4 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan

4 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan

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The trick to weight loss is eating low calorie foods in volumes that leave you feeling full and satisfied to eliminate over eating.

We have come up with over 40 recipes that are exactly that! They are high in protein and low in calories so that you will begin seeing results as soon as possible all while still enjoying the process.

We have developed the most comprehensive meal plan with these recipes to include weekly shopping lists, planners, and detailed easy to follow recipes to make it as easy as possible for you to lose a lot of weight in as little as 4 weeks!

What You Get

✔ Foods to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

✔ Over 40+ Unique, Tasty, and Easy to Follow Recipes

✔ Includes Weekly Shopping Lists

✔ Recipes Curated By Nutrition Specialists

There's no need to subscribe to a meal service hoping you will like the foods that they send you, and that they will actually leave you feeling full and satisfied!

We like to refer to this as a meal plan and not a diet because with these tasty and fulfilling recipes- it doesn't actually feel like a diet!

Rather than start a new diet, start a new Routine!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Already down 4 pounds!

I have been following this meal plan for a little over 2 weeks now and I can say this has been the easiest diet I have ever attempted. The recipes are all so well thought out its not like they are making you eat chicken breast and brocoli for eveyr other meal. The diversity in recipes and flavors is what has made this so easy to follow and stick to and the shopping lists make it even easier to makes ure I have everything aand no excuse to not follow through with cooking the meals. I have been losing about 2 pounds a week and I have never felt better!

easy to follow and very effective

I have tried and failed on many diets/weight loss plans over the years but this has been the easiest one to be successful with so far. Everything is layed out easily for you to follow along and the recipes are so good it doesnt even feel like a diet. I have been done with the 4 weeks for about a month and still make a lot of these recipes to continue eating healthier. The chicken enchillada chilli is my favorite!


I really do believe that whoever came up with this plan put a lot of thinking into it. The recipes are complex in flavor but not in cooking, they layed out the directions so easily and everything tastes so good especially the maple crusted salmon

3 pounds in a week!

Tasty, easy, and effective. I have only been following it for 1 week and lost about 3 pounds! I would definitely suggest trying it out.